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The Ultimate Credentialing Service

Our Services

MedCred makes verifying your credentials easy.

Global Credentialing Platform
The most reliable, impartial and independent credentialing service for Healthcare Providers. Our highly secure, web-based platform enables Healthcare facilities to specify and check the credentials of commercial visitors.
Profile Management
MedCred subscribers can create, update and manage their professional profile. Search and select Healthcare Providers to review their credential/policy requirements. We work with our subscribers to create a hassle free, personalised experience.
Healthcare Policy Management
MedCred enables Healthcare Providers to create, implement and communicate visitor policies, ensuring a level of compliance for any commercial visitors. Defining clear guidelines mitigates risk and promotes a safer environment for patients to receive their care.

How it works

Lets Look at the Flow.

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Register a Basic account completely for free , or upgrade to our Enhanced account to gain access to extra features.

Healthcare Provider

Register the facility and upload policies and zone access requirements.

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Register your Visit


Visiting a healthcare provider? Input it into our system and connect beforehand.

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Visit the Site


Upon arrival, present your visit details as registered in the MedCred system

Healthcare Provider

Approve / Decline / Override the visit as registered in the MedCred system

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Register for an account

Register for a cardholder or healthcare Provider account below.



  • Accepted in all MedCred enabled healthcare providers
  • Upload profile information & photo
  • Communications from healthcare providers
  • Review healthcare policies and procedures
  • Register a site visit


  • Check the credentials of cardholders who visit your facility
  • Upload provider information and requirements
  • Accept or reject site visits
  • Review healthcare policies and procedures
  • In-depth analytics

About Us

We pride ourselves on 3 core values.

At MedCred, we work with a professional attitude and posture at all times. All our focus is to deliver real value at the right time for our subscribers and health institutions. All our services are honed in for the sole purpose of making the Credentialing service easy to use, reliable and robust enough that our members can rely on.
We strive to create a sustainable business model which puts the environment and global warming into consideration. We have taken great care and consideration to analyse what can be done to minimise our environmental footprint.
Partner Focused
MedCred provides a 360 degree credentialing solution for Subscribers and Healthcare Providers across the globe. We have designed the first complete platform which is fast, efficient and user friendly.

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